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Welcome Parents!

You're likely here because you're exhausted and desperate for sleep!

You've probably spent countless hours reading sleep-related books, scouring the internet for resources and soliciting advice from friends, family and even your child's pediatrician about how to help your child become a better sleeper. 

All of that information can be conflicting, confusing and overwhelming!

Have you considered sleep training your child but you just weren't sure which method would work?
Or maybe you've even tried a sleep training method before but had little to no success.

If you're feeling stuck and not sure what to do, I'm here to help you!

As a certified Gentle Sleep Coach expert, I provide sleep coaching solutions for families with babies, toddlers and preschoolers (ages 6 months to 6 years).

Through my proven, gentle approach you'll NEVER have to leave your child to "cry it out"

Since there is no “one size fits all” method to sleep training your child, I provide a customized, step-by-step plan along with careful guidance and support throughout the entire training process.


Let me ask you this, does your child:

-wake up frequently throughout the night?

-have trouble sleeping alone?

-resist naps?

-wake up too early in the morning?

-refuse to stay in his/her crib or bed?

-need to be rocked, held, patted or fed to sleep?


No wonder you're exhausted!!




How would it feel if you could:

-feel well-rested and have more energy throughout your day?

-have more time to yourself or enjoy with your partner?

-get things done on your to-do list?


Sounds amazing, right? 


Sleep training your child doesn't have to be difficult!

And you don't have to "cry it out"!

Let's work together to get you and your child sleeping well!





For new or prospective families:

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For returning families who need help

solving a new sleep issue:

CLICK HERE to learn how the Sleep Tune-Up Package can get your child's sleep back on track!



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